14 January 2010

Gerbil babies

The little gerbil babies are getting cuter. There are five black ones and two tan ones...and we haven't picked them up to try and figure out if they are boys or girls yet. They have fur now, but their eyes are still closed. I read that it takes about 17 days for their eyes to open, so they should be opening around Tuesday. They are starting to get out of the nest, but the mama puts them right back in. They are constantly chirping too...it sounds like we have a bunch of birds in our house! Isaiah decided to rename his gerbil because Buttercup wasn't a very manly name, so he has decided to call him Ron Weasley!

7 days old

10 days old

1 comment:

Warriorcats said...

awwww!!!! they look cute! the black ones remind me of my hamster rhino. looking foward to more gerbil pictures!