09 August 2012

First Bad Day

Our boy had his first bad moment tonight. He is ok...but it was so sad when he called and was crying and I couldn't hug him because I was at home. ='( His nurse called me later to let me know he had settled down and had fallen asleep...and that everything was "normal". I'm glad he is in excellent hands.

(I am adding the comments from Facebook to some of these posts, because I print my blog once a year and want to remember how much support we have had through all of this! 11-28-12 mj)

Dulcie Larsen If I can do anything to help please let me know!!!!
August 10 at 12:22am · Unlike · 1

Melissa Jensen I will. My sister is here for the month, but if we need extra hands I will call you!
August 10 at 12:26am via mobile · Like · 1

Calista Strasser Laney That must have been tough on his momma.
August 10 at 3:21am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Jennifer Dennis :( I'm glad that he is ok.
August 10 at 3:36am · Unlike · 1

Kathi O'Bannon It's so much harder when you can't 'fix it' ..... ((Hugs)) to ((you)) and to ((Caleb))!!
August 10 at 5:07am via mobile · Unlike · 1

Jennifer Brown It has to be so scary for him. It sounds like he's handling it like a champ, but of course there will be moments when it gets to him. Sounds like you have a good nursing staff, though. Hope he's feeling better today!
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Elisa Likins Hey, Melissa - wishing you and your family the best! You have a cool family - I know your family will pull through this and be even more amazing because of it. <3 nbsp="nbsp">
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Gma Pita God's Peace, prayers and <3 all="all" and="and" for="for" him="him" of="of" you="you">
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Andrea Thayn Griffin I am so glad the nurse can call and tell you that he was settled down. It sounds like you have excellent care.
August 10 at 6:52am · Like

Steph Alaska What a tough situation but thank goodness for a great nurse! Prayers here for caleb
August 10 at 7:01am · Like

Lori Strikwerda Shepherd That would break my heart.
August 10 at 7:18am · Like

Renee LeAnn Clark My heart aches for you.....Prayers for continued strength and comfort for all of you daily.
August 10 at 7:20am · Like

Marina Robbins Goldthorpe So sad. I am sorry.
August 10 at 7:40am · Like

Heidi Graham Dislike!!!!! My heart is breaking for you.
August 10 at 8:23am via mobile · Like

Mia Wolfe League Oh Melissa....that is so hard. I know you wanted to be there with Caleb and hug him. I am glad that the hospital staff is good with him.
August 10 at 8:53am · Like

Jana Krout Pierce Oh that just breaks my heart! I'm so sorry you guys are going thru this! You all are in our thoughts and prayers!
August 10 at 4:47pm via mobile · Like

Heather Tucker I am so glad too. Hang in there.
August 10 at 6:29pm · Like

Tannis Bingham Kearns sniff, sniff....so hard. We are rooting for him! Can you imagine how are this would have been if you all were still stationed in Juneau though? I think it is so amazing how you moved back to hawaii and so many amazing things have happened....you guys are awesome.
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Laura Tucker Oh, poor guy!!!
August 12 at 9:31pm · Like

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