25 August 2012

Day 18 - Facetime is the best!

Facebook post from 08/25/2012

I LOVE FACETIME!! We can have family prayer and scriptures with Caleb while he is in the hospital! He has also been able to attend seminary and some of church using FaceTime! So grateful for technology!!

Facebook comments:

MWL: Wow...I didn't know you could do seminary online..so cool.
August 25, 2012 at 11:29pm · Like

KK: Seriously! That's awesome!
August 25, 2012 at 11:48pm · Like

MJ: His sister takes the iPod to seminary, and then he just facetimes her and listens and participates that way!
August 25, 2012 at 11:49pm · Like · 2

ZZ: Seminarys started down there already!?!
August 25, 2012 at 11:57pm · Like

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