13 August 2012

Day 6 - One Day Before Transplant

Caleb had a pretty hard day today. His body isn't liking all the meds he's had over the past 4 days and it's rebelling against him. He hasn't eaten much the last two days and when he does eat, it causes a ton of abdominal pain and he ends up retching it back up (pretty violently). He is beyond homesick and really just wants to come home. =( 

Tomorrow is transplant day and both of my big kids will be in the hospital. I am so grateful for those who are praying and fasting for them (and the rest of us) and for everyone here who is helping me out tomorrow! We couldn't do this on our own! Brother Chandler came to the hospital and gave both Caleb and Brooklin a priesthood blessing tonight and I know that angels will be with them and the doctors tomorrow. God is good and I know that everything will be ok.

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Kris Gregson-Clark We are all praying
August 13 at 11:15pm via mobile · Like · 1

Angeline Morrill-Quiner Melissa, we are hoping and praying for the best. so sorry he's having to go through this trial.
August 13 at 11:19pm via mobile · Like

Dulcie Larsen man after all this a mission will be a piece of cake for him!!!
August 13 at 11:22pm · Like · 1

Gma Pita It's been an honor to unite our faith with yours through fasting and prayer. I know Our Father will answer in love, peace, and endurance. <3 font="font">
August 13 at 11:27pm via mobile · Like · 1

Emily Scott Lockie I am so sorry to hear this, this is so sad. I hope that he feels better and stronger soon. Good luck to you all - we are praying for you!
August 13 at 11:28pm · Like

Kathleen Houtz Benner Prayers going out to your family.
August 13 at 11:39pm · Like · 1

Renee LeAnn Clark Praying that all goes as planned.
August 14 at 2:31am via mobile · Like

Lisa Martello-Henning Praying for your whole family! Stay strong.
August 14 at 3:26am via mobile · Like

Laura Sanders Vancour thinking and praying for you guys!!
August 14 at 3:35am · Like

Angela Parker Dorman We love you guys too.....we will continue to pray for you all!
August 14 at 5:23am · Like

Andrea Thayn Griffin praying for you all
August 14 at 6:29am · Like

Dianna Cheney Ashton our prayers are with you.
August 14 at 7:16am · Like

Mindy Patterson Andrew Thoughts and prayers for your family.
August 14 at 7:18am via mobile · Like

Mia Wolfe League Oh Melissa, I am so proud of you. I usually do not remember to get priesthood blessing for my family...but when I do get them the blessings are amazing and help carry me through the hard times. I know with all my heart angels will be watching your children. I will continue to pray and will not stop until you tell me to.
August 14 at 7:52am · Like

Heather Malone Mumm We are praying for you sweet thing Im so sorry this is happening our hearts are with you all!
August 14 at 7:53am · Like

Steph Alaska Praying today!! Blessings are wonderful fulfillment of the priesthood
August 14 at 8:48am · Like

Annjanette Blackmer Whiting We love you all! Praying for you!
August 14 at 5:10pm · Like

Laura Tucker Thinking of you all, in my prayers and thoughts
August 15 at 10:59am · Like

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