12 August 2012

Day 5 - Doubt Not, Fear Not

Caleb wasn't feeling very good today, so we brought a Liken The Scriptures video to watch with him.  He impressed his doctors today too!  He has played video games every day and today when they came in and he wasn't playing so they asked him why.  He told them it was Sunday and it is our family rule to not play video games on Sunday.  They all told me what a good boy he was and he was following our family rules even when we weren't there to check if he was.

Church was so good today!  The theme was:  "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." ~Doctrine and Covenants 6:36

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What an amazing sacrament meeting today! I felt God's love through all three speakers! Thank you ward family for your love and support during our family's trial! I am so grateful for all of you!!

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Marnie Joye Strasser yep, your ward is pretty amazing. I held back tears multiple times today as people prayed in behalf of Caleb and the rest of your family.

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Tricia Robinette Loder We love you, Jensen Ohana!
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Kim Rivera The spirit was super apparent today for sure!!! Privileged to be able to unite in fast. We're here for you Melissa & Darwin!
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Maidy Licerio Worthen We love you guys! I know that Heavenly Father will be watching your Family and He will be watching Caleb and Brooklin during their bone marrow transplant. I really love that scripture that Dawn shared and love her talk. "Look unto me in every thought; DOUBT not, FEAR not." Just hang in there with faith trusting in Him!

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