03 July 2011

Favorite Uncle Cody

I posted this on Cody's facebook wall today... funny stuff!
We were talking to our kids tonight about what they are going to do/be when they "grow up". I just wanted to give you a heads up...Isaiah said he is going to be living in your basement, Caleb is going to live next door to you, and London is going to live across the street from you. hahahaha!!! You win the title of favorite Uncle. Brooklin on the other hand is going to live in Oregon...and she doesn't want to live by me...lol!
This is a picture of Uncle Cody
The reason they all want to live near him, is because last summer (when we went to visit them in Wyoming while we were moving from Alaska to Hawaii)  he let my kids have 3 or 4 kinds of cold cereal in a bowl with chocolate milk and chocolate chips for lunch after church!  He also had the biggest TV screen they had ever seen too.  He has a projector and stadium type seating in his basement!  They still talk about both of these things. =)

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