04 July 2011

4th of July

Last night, we drove down to Darwin's office to watch the fireworks going off at the Aloha Tower over the ocean.  They were great...and very short.  This morning, we took Brooklin to Schofield for a xcountry fundraiser.  She had to work at the bouncy house booths for the 4th of July stuff on Schofield...so we dropped her off and then went hiking on the Kolekole trail.  It was beautiful!

The sign at the head of the Kolekole trail describes this interesting rock this way.  "It is a large stone with a unique natural bowl and drainage trough that has attracted considerable attention over the years.  After the old woman who watched people pass the stone that served as a territorial marker.  Some speak of the rock being used for sacrificial beheadings of defeated warrior chiefs."

 Above is a photo of the bowl in the rock.  On the backside of the rock (below) there is a step.  Very interesting...

These mountains are just enormous!  If you look close, you can see Darwin and the kids.  It was so beautiful at the top.  We didn't do the crazy/scary part of the hike...this is all the further we went, but Caleb did the longer hike with his scout troop.

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