09 July 2011

17 Years And Counting

Hooray for anniversaries!!  This year make seventeen for Darwin and I!  First, I'd like to look back at what we looked like then...

This is the photo that was in the newspaper
My "Addams Family" pose

Look how young we all are!

This is NOT Brooklin!  This is my baby sister Marnie!  She was only 18 months old!
This picture is funny on so many levels!!

Miss many of these people!  Only the grandmas are still alive today
This is at the reception.

Me and my mom...and her huge glasses
Me and baby Marnie

The dress
The monkey face!

Now for today...

I told Darwin that I either wanted to go on a zipline or to Kualoa Ranch and do a tour there.  He opted for the zipline.  Now, he called ahead and set something up and I only knew that it was a zipliine...nothing else. I was so excited in the car on the way to the zipline, I could hardly stand it!  I had my camera and I was going to get to go cruising through the trees and get some epic shots of Hawaii.  I mentioned this to Darwin in the car, and he said, "It's not really that kind of zipline."  Apparently...there are no REAL zip lines on Oahu!!  The one he found was at a mini-golf place in Kaneohe!  It was maybe 100 yds and had a weight limit.  The only thing to cruise over was the mini-golf courses!  I was really bummed...really...  Darwin wanted me to try it out anyway.  We went over to pay for our ride, and it turned out that Darwin was a few pounds over the limit, so I had to ride it by myself!  The man who suited me up treated me like I was 12... "Hi!  What's your name?"  me: "Melissa"  him:  "I bet you can't guess what my name is!"  me: "Uh, it's written right there on your helmet..."  etc.  Darwin took pictures and then we played a round of mini-golf and then went out to eat at Bubba Gumps for dinner.

After dinner, we went out to see Transformers 3 and then finished off the evening at Starbucks.  I had a hot chocolate with coconut syrup and a birthday cake pop, Darwin got hot chocolate with a raspberry shot.  We played Settlers of Catan on the iPad and drank our hot chocolates there in Starbucks before heading home.  It was a good day, even though I was bummed about the zipline.

Tomorrow, Darwin leaves for his 10 day fishing trip to Kodiak with his dad, my brother, and my brother's father-in-law!  I hope they have a great trip!!

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