02 February 2010

January Resolution Summary

I just went back and reread my goals for January.  They were all reasonable, reachable goals but I did not make 100%.

1. Reorganize and declutter my filing cabinets I was able to clean out several files and revamp the way I was filing some of the everyday type of papers.  This was the main reason for the goal, and while I probably could have gone through many more files, I feel like I accomplished my original intention; which was to throw out things I didn't need to be keeping (old phone bills from Maui...) and make it easier to throw out stuff later on.  Instead of having a file folder for each little thing, I made six folders labeled Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June, etc (two months of "stuff" in each folder) so when the "stuff" is a year old, I can get rid of it for sure.

2. Read the lessons for Sunday School and Relief Society BEFORE Sunday. I accomplished this goal without fail for three weeks.  The fourth week I did read the lessons before class, but not before Sunday (I read the material before church on Sunday, which is an accomplishment in itself since we have 9 am church this year).  The final Sunday, I did not read either of the lessons.  I had been taking my scriptures and such with me to the girls' piano lessons but the last week of January I had some homework that needed attention, so I read my accounting book instead of the scriptures.  I think to further the establishment of this goal into a good habit, I should try to read the materials earlier in the week, because Saturday (the day after piano lessons) isn't really an option and is also the last minute possible...or procrastination...one of my many bad habits.

3.Finish a quilt for my bed.  The quilt is not finished.  I finished all sewing all 273 blocks (and 13 half blocks) needed for the quilt on Jan 14th.  I sewed all the blocks into 13 rows of 21 blocks (and one half block) by Jan 28th.  By Jan 31st, I had sewed 6 of the 13 rows together.  I still have to:  a) sew the remaining 7 rows together. b) cut and sew together a 6 1/2 inch boarder and then sew it to the quilt top.  c) get a backing piece together...i have the material, but i need to sew it together.  It is just a solid color, but the quilt top is bigger than regular width fabric, so I just need to sew two or three widths together.  That's it.  I will post pictures when i am finished and then again when it gets back from the quilter.  I definitely had enough time to complete this project.  I just applied a bad habit (procrastination again) and didn't get it done.  I will continue working on it...especially now that we are waiting for the new mattress we ordered this weekend to get here.  (Thank you tax refund...) =)

I will post my February Resolutions later today...stayed tuned!

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