03 February 2010

February Goals

Today is the 3rd??...and there are only 28 days to begin with?! I better made these new goals quick and easy! =)

1. Update my giant "family pictures" frame. I have two giant picture frames in my living room with pictures of each of our combined 13 siblings and their families and a big family picture of each...one for Strassers and one for Jensens. I bought these frames at Costco about four years ago...and I have (almost) never updated the pictures! There have been many new people added to our family in the last four years. Let's see...I think I came up with nine babies that have joined our families that are not in the pictures on my wall!  I have almost all of the updated pictures for the frame, I just need to put them in.  I'm not going to sabotage my goal by requiring that if I don't have an updated picture then the goal hasn't been met.  (Although, it would be really great if you all could send me an updated picture.  I will definitely be stealing from all your facebook albums and blogs if I don't have a hard copy for some of you).

2. I will refrain, cease, and desist from playing Mafia Wars and Farmville on Sunday.  I have a slight, nay consuming addiction to these two facebook games.  I don't think I am ready to say goodbye to facebook altogether on Sundays just yet, but I think can give up these two games for four days this month.  When Darwin and I were first married, I was really gung-ho about keeping the sabbath day holy...no TV (unless it was church related), no video games, and I was more focused on good activities.  I give all the credit to my mother who was a stickler for good Sunday activities... reading The New Era, writing to missionaries, writing in my journal, listening to church music, that kind of stuff.  (Thank you Mom!)  BUT, Darwin was not as into the no TV and video games thing (and I do realize that he reads this blog and may not agree with this) but I quit worrying about that part of keeping the sabbath day holy.  Now I'm feeling the need to be a little better at focusing on the Savior on Sundays...it is His day after all.  And just to clarify something...Darwin told me just last week that he didn't think we should watch The Soup (which is on late night cable for a reason) on Sunday evenings (I didn't see any reason not to) so he isn't as "lax" as I just made him sound.

3.  I will exercise for at least 30 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday.  Darwin's sisters recently decided to have a "biggest loser" competition.  They invited me to join them and they set up a blog.  I originally signed up for a core conditioning class this semester that was on Tue. and Thur. mornings, but because of another of my struggles...not being able to let things go, (I had a "power struggle" with the teacher last semester in the spinning class and am still not ready to let it go and fully forgive her) I dropped the class a week before school started.  It was the only class I was going to have on Tuesday or Thursday, so now I have two "free" days built into my school week.  It's actually really good I did, because the homework in my economics class takes several hours to complete and having "free" days to do it works out great.  On the downside, I am not "responsible" to be in class exercising twice a week, so I haven't been.  Typically, I don't make exercising/eating healthy goals, because I don't have anyone but myself to check if I'm doing it, but now that there are weigh in's each week, I feel the need to be a little more responsible.  I would love to have 15 lbs disappear...I'm just not in love with the work it takes to make them vanish.

So, these are my goals for February.  I hope I can make them happen.  I am going to continue working on the quilt and trying to read the lessons for church on Sunday...I just need to focus on some of my other areas for the next few weeks.

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HGraham said...

I love that you are writing and sharing your goals each month. I teach this lesson to my students each semester about the power of writing and sharing our goals. I don't really want to post my goals on the internet, but I love the idea. I will have to think about what I will do to copy you.

You (as always) are a great inspiration!!!