07 November 2008

My stocking sold!

This will be short...but awhile back, I posted pictures of a stocking I made. It was a felt stocking that had 2 black bears roasting marshmallows over a campfire, and it was beaded and embroidered...all hand sewn. Anyway, I put it up for sale on etsy.com back in September, and yesterday it sold for $88!!! I'm so excited!! The kit cost me $12.95, so I made like $75! It also took over 40 hours to complete, but I enjoy doing crafts, so I just got paid for it this time. I have another one with about 5 hours left to go on it, so when it is finished, I will post pictures of it, and try and sell it too. It is a girly stocking...sugar plum fairy, candy, gingerbread men, and a Christmas Tree.


Rana said...

Well, it might have taken 2 months to sell but people are thinking more about Christmas now. And I guess some people out there still have money to burn. That's good for you! Good job!

The Lathrop's said...

Nice Job! My Mom gets some amazing prices for her stuff - its funny when there's a bidding war. Have fun finishing the next one.