13 November 2008

I guess I think we're boring now... =)

Sorry I've not been keeping this up very well this month!

Family Updates:

Darwin: Dar left on Monday morning to go to his grandma's funeral. It was this afternoon. He gets back on Saturday, and I am glad for that! I haven't been going to bed until late all this week, and I almost fell asleep in the library this morning while I was doing my homework...hehe. He told me that he is so glad he was able to go and be with his family. He got to see a lot of his cousins and such, that he hasn't seen in probably 10 years. He also got to see Jared and Sarah's newest addition, Cambry. I am jealous, but grateful that he could go. He never really tells us about work, so I think it is just going fine. He has to leave or be on the phone forever at least once a week during his "home time" to help fix a problem, but it isn't too bad.

Melissa: I am having fun in college. I have two classes, communications and math (elementary algebra), and am doing well in both of them. In communications, I have given three speeches (A, A, and A-) and have a group debate on kids and computer games tomorrow (Friday), and a group presentation on geocaching on Monday. After that I only have a pursuasive speech (due Dec 3rd) that I don't have any ideas on...yikes!...and two papers to write. There isn't a "final" for the class, just a portfolio (the two papers and the final draft of my pursuasive speech). Math is fun. The professor is a hoot. I have taken three tests so far (99%, 100%, and 99%) and have another test on Monday. After that, I have one more test and a final exam on Dec 8th. I registered for spring semester on Monday and am taking three classes (10 credits). I will be taking math (Intermediate Algebra), music appreciation via the internet, and a photography class that meets at night once a week. Also, I started learning a Tongan dance for our ward's Christmas Party. The Young Women are learning Tahitian dance, and the Primary children are doing hula. The men are doing something also, but I can't remember what.

Brooklin: Brooklin isn't doing any sports right now, but is doing amazing with her piano lessons. Her teacher asked her (and only one other student) to be in her husband's violin recital (playing the piano...mom...) =) because she is doing so good. Most of the other students are beginners, so she didn't want us to have to sit through Old MacDonald and Mary had a little lamb over and over...hehe. We just got her report card, and she got a B in pre-algebra, A- in Advanced language arts, A's in Spanish, Science, and Social Studies, and A+'s in PE and Reading academic skill.

Caleb: Caleb is doing well at indoor soccer. He is also in a lego robotics club that meets after school once or twice a week. They are building and programming robots that complete some sort of mission. He just told me that one of robots they are building is supposed to raise a flood barrier. It is really interesting. Later this month, they are going to have a competition with their robots...each mission is worth points, and there are several missions for the different robots to complete. Very cool if you ask me! =) Oh...and they don't get their grades for another week or two, but at the parent teacher conf, his teacher said he was doing awesome.

London: London is also doing well in piano. Her song to practice this week was "Once ther was a snowman" She doesn't practice without being asked, so last week I told her that if she could go a whole week without me reminding her to practice (because honestly, I don't remember that often), I would buy her ice cream. She practiced EVERYDAY! and got her ice cream. On a side note the other kids are being bribed with ice cream as well...Brooklin gets it if she can go a whole week without rolling her eyes and harumphing at me when I ask her to do anything (she hasn't made it yet). Caleb and Isaiah will get it if they make a goal. Isaiah has received (I was going to type gotten...but I wasn't sure if that was a word) two ice cream treats for making a goal in two different games, and Caleb is still working on his. Anyway, back to London...she is doing awesome in school and her teacher said she is a natural helper to her classmates.

Isaiah: Isaiah is so much better at soccer this year, it's like night and day. He rarely follows the coach around telling stories during a game, he chases the ball the whole time he is in the game, he watches his teammates when he is on a break, and he has only done three or four fake falls this year. (Last year, he was on the ground more than he wasn't, and most of those falls were self inflicted)...little nerd! =) He is getting easier to understand, and he catches himself saying words wrong, and tries to correct them himself. His teacher said he needs to work harder on recognizing site words, but that he was a very well behaved student. For our Christmas party, the lady in charge of the program, asked if Isaiah could do the "Pearly Shells" hula by himself. She is tongan, and she was so impressed that he knew the whole thing and could also sing the hawaiian part. He learned it in kindergarten for his May Day dance and still remembers it and sings the song often.

OK...I hope I don't wait so long next time to update this. I'm really not that busy...mostly in my free time, I'm either sewing, or playing on Facebook, and I have a lot of free time, so no excuses! =)

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Jennifer said...

Isaiah was so cute doing pearly shells last time you were here! I'm sure that he will do an awesome job. He doesn't seem to be the type to let stage fright overcome him...