10 November 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a WONDERFUL 34th birthday yesterday. My family spoiled me, and my friends made me a few surprises. I opened the present from Isaiah first. He was so excited about his present to me. He kept making sure that I would open his first, and he even told me right before he opened it that I wouldn't know what it was even after I opened it..he really couldn't stand the suspense! I asked him if it was camouflage, and he said "I can't tell you! Just open it!!" It was three matchbox cars...and he was right, I still couldn't tell what they were. They were called Mystery Matchbox cars, and instead of clear plastic covering the cars, the plastic was black, so you didn't know what cars you were getting! He was so proud of himself for getting me the best present! The cars were a yellow Ford Mustang, a red Chevy Nova, and a blue Scion. London got me a1000 piece Mickey Mouse puzzle, and Caleb got me a 1000 piece I Spy puzzle. I've done a few big puzzles with them, and they must really enjoy doing puzzles with me...hehe! Brooklin got me a PictionaryMan game...we played it last night and it was fun. Darwin spoiled me...he always does. He bought me a new VERY warm winter coat, a quilting book, a self-healing cutting mat (for quilting), and 240 minutes of tanning!! Very excited to get my fake sun for the whole winter! It should help me stay happy, and keep the dark-winter blues from slowing me down!

After opening presents, we went to church and they gave me two "presents" as well. I was called to be on the compassionate service committee AND to be the pianist for Relief Society (the church's women's organization). I still consider myself a learning piano player, so being the pianist will be a good challenge. I secretly told God that I really wanted to be a better piano player, and I thought playing in Relief Society would be the least scary piano calling...small audience, really no preformances for the whole congregation like Primary does...but this week they said the Relief Society is singing in Sacrament Meeting (the whole congregation) in two weeks!! So much for the no preformances! It isn't a really hard song...but I'm glad that I have two weeks to practice it! After church, I stayed for choir practice, and then I chatted for like 20 minutes...totally didn't know that my friends were waiting outside for me (since choir practice ended) with a camera, to see my reaction to what they did to my car! Wendy and her husband filled my van with five contractor bags full of balloons! It didn't fill the whole thing, like they hoped, but they did fill the entire front seat, so it looked completely packed. It was pretty funny! Also on friday at school, before my birthday, my friend Kris made me a tiara, taped balloons to my chair and table, and brought cupcakes and snacks for our whole communications class. They sang to me and signed a card! She also brought me a little present everyday all last week.

I am so grateful for my awesome family and my wonderful friends! You all made me feel so loved! Even Juneau cooperated for my special day, and it was blue skies and sun shiny the entire day! Thank you!!!!!!

Me playing with my new matchbox cars! LOL!


Squished in with the balloons!


wyomingerica said...

Actually my birthday is the 7th of November, but I did turn 34. And Weston birthday is on June 6, he really likes mohawks too. Grandpa doesn't like them so we just were them to school and not to church. Happy birthday!

Marnie Strasser said...

Happy birthday Melissa!

Graham Crackerz said...

I sooo missed your birthday!! Sorry, I'm so glad to hear it was so wonderful. You deserve it. Miss you tons.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great one yet again. Your family really goes all out for you, don't they? You're such the lucky girl!

The Lathrop's said...

love the balloons in the car & the pic of you in the middle of them :o) Hope you had a fun b-day!