10 November 2008

Goodbye Grandma Jensen

Last night, Darwin's grandmother passed away. She hadn't been eating for a little while and had gone into a coma in the past day or two. I don't have many details, but she was an amazing woman and we will dearly miss her. This is a picture of the last time she came up to our house in Juneau. We were fortunate to see her for the last time this summer while we were moving up here. Grandpa is so sad. I guess he finally let go and asked Heavenly Father to comfort her, and she past shortly after. We got the call late last night, and went straight to the internet and got a ticket for Darwin to go home and be with his family for her funeral. Darwin and I have lost three grandpas and one grandma, and have never been able to attend any of their services. The first one we missed was my mom's dad. We had just moved to Kodiak, and didn't have the funds to go. Our other two grandpas services were held while Darwin away at some training for work, and I wasn't able to go since we needed someone to watch children for us...and the costs were too great to take everyone. We haven't used our airline miles for three years (Alaska Airlines didn't fly to Hawaii until just after we moved back!) so we were able to get him a "free" ticket home.

Goodbye for now Grandma Jensen! We love you and will see you on the other side!

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Graham Crackerz said...

Thanks for the picture Melissa. She was a beautiful woman.