10 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday

We got home from Maui at 10pm on Sunday...Mother's Day (May 8th).  Brooklin's birthday was Monday the 9th and Darwin was leaving for Seattle for a week (for work) Monday morning, so we had the fastest celebration of those two holidays in about five minutes flat as soon as we got home from the airport!  It was actually pretty funny.  We yelled, "Happy Mother's Day!!" and then I ripped into each present...pausing only long enough to have a picture snapped with the gift-giver.  As soon as that was done (seriously like 2 1/2 minutes later) we yelled, "Mother's Day is over now!  Happy Birthday Brooklin!!" and she tore into her gifts.  We were all laughing the whole time!  We cleaned up the wrapping paper, hugged the kids good-night, and then I went and helped Darwin finish packing for his trip to Seattle...his plane was leaving at 9am!

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