27 February 2011

Journal Jar #9

Were you ever made fun of in school?  About what?

I don't remember being teased too much at school.  I remember in about 4th grade a girl asked me why I kept coming to school with chicken pox.  I had acne really early and I guess she just thought I had chicken pox.

A few of my friends in high school teased me a little about being really skinny.  My nickname was "Bone"...partly because my friend Holly called me that (she had just moved to Idaho from Washington and said that "bone" was what people there called their best friends) and partly because I was 5'3" and only 95 lbs.  I got called "chicken legs" a few times and people used to say if I turned sideways and stuck out my tongue, I'd look like a zipper...  but it was mostly just in fun and I didn't feel teased.  

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