29 October 2010

The Weirdest Recognition Letter

We got a letter in the mail this week from London's school.  To summarize the contents, she was nominated for what I think was something like student of the month this month...but it was kind of hard to tell.  I am going to try and recreate the letter here.  It was very weird with the "political correctness" wording, some interesting font changes and random bold words, and I laugh every time I read it. =)

Oct. 26, 2010

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Your child, London Jensen, has been recognized by her teacher for her exemplary display of RESPONSIBILITY for the month of October's character trait.  Only one student from each class is chosen each month as a character trait recipient.  Therefore, it is a great HONOR to be selected.

A character trait recipient is someone who exemplifies the best attributes of responsibility and of a ******* Elementary student.  He/she serves as a role model to his/her classmates and to all students at ******* Elementary.  You should be proud!

To celebrate your child's selection as a responsibility recipient you are cordially invited to have lunch with your child and the entire upper grade level in the cafeteria on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 11:10 a.m.  There will be a parent sign-in sheet in the cafeteria so you do not have to sign in at the office.

You may purchase a lunch from the cafeteria for $4.40 or bring a homemade lunch similar to one you would pack for your child.  NO FAST FOOD MEALS.  Since seating is limited we ask that it be one or both parents and the recipient.  PTSO provides an added treat so please no extra rewards, leis or balloons.  The celebration is in the recognition and lunch!

If you take pictures, please take them after all the certificates have been awarded.

CONGRATULATIONS!  WE share your pride and look forward to seeing you at the Character Trait Recognition Ceremony.




I went to the "ceremony" today.  I ate lunch with London (who was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween) and got to see her receive her award.  The volume level of the cafeteria was deafening to say the least.  Here is a short video of her receiving her award.

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heather said...

with all that screaming, it sounds like it is a HUGE honor! Go London!!! Good job for being responsible! :o)