24 October 2010

Scripture Study

We started reading the Book of Mormon as a family about four years ago.  Before that we were using the softcover scripture readers with pictures, but decided that we should read the actual Book of Mormon when Isaiah was about four.  We do not read every night, but we do read more nights than we don't.  So far, we are up to Alma 47... in four years.  Sometimes we each read a column.  Sometimes we each read a verse.  Some nights only one verse gets read, but we are learning a lot with our children; taking it slow like this.  We have had time to discuss and digest each story with them, and they amaze me with how much they know about the scriptures.

Anyway, we were reading this week about Amalickiah and king Lehonti.  Amalickiah is the "bad" guy, and he uses treachery to become king of the Lamanites.  He poisons Lehonti just a little at a time, so he doesn't know it is happening.  Then he blames Lehonti's servants for the death of the king and comforts the people.  Then he marries the queen and becomes the king.

As we were reading the beginning of the chapter, Brooklin asked, "Is this the story where he comes down the mountain and they poison him?"

Caleb said, "WHAT?!  They poison him!?"

and then Brooklin goes, "yeah...  WARNING! SPOILER ALERT!"

We all had a good laugh.

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