06 September 2010

Run Brooklin! Run!

Brooklin had her first cross country meet of the school year on Saturday.  The meet was at Pearl City High School.  She came in 30th out of 75 total girls (both jv and varsity).  She was the 4th girl in for her school and the first JV girl from her school.  They ran 3 miles and her time was 23 minutes 9 seconds.  She did awesome for her first high school meet!  We are so proud of her!

And they're off!
75 girls from at least 7 schools

Very beginning of the race

1 mile down, 2 miles to go

2 miles down, 1 to go!

...and then my camera ran out of batteries...

I got every other girl coming in to the home stretch except Brooklin.  She ran by as I was frantically trying to shove the new battery into my camera.  Next time, I won't chance it.  I'll just put the fresh one in at the beginning.

Here is what her legs looked like after running through all the muddy red dirt.

 ...and finally...
here is our cute girl after cooling down after her run.  Good job B!

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