25 September 2010

Little Cross Country Runners

Brooklin is not the only runner in the family. =)  On Sept. 15th I went to cheer on London and Isaiah at their XC meet.  They were really cute. =)  Some of the varsity runners from Brooklin's XC team were there to help out.  London got 9th place for girls in fifth grade, and Isaiah came in somewhere in the middle of his group.  He was pretty funny.  He lost his shoe twice (in close succession) and fell once (because his shoe was about to fall off for the second time).  He was already in second to last place when his shoe came off and he sat down on the track, put his shoe back on, and then took off like a shot!  He managed to make up a lot of time!  So proud of my kids for giving it their all and participating!

London's group

...and their off!

Her hair did some amazing things in most of these pictures! =)

Almost there!

Good job London!

Isaiah's group

On your marks!  Get set!  GO!!

This is the first time his shoe fell off.  He tried to just shove his foot into his shoe and keep running, but within a few feet he had tripped and fallen because his shoe wasn't on right.  So he just sat down, right in the middle of the race, and put it on right!  =)

He tore it up after getting his shoe on right!

Headed for the finish line.  He tried to stop and give me a hug, but I told him to keep running and I would hug him after he finished!  He's so cute!

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