14 September 2010

Double Take (Funny!)

Our refrigerator sort of broke this weekend.  The door has that ice and water feature in it, and the water quit coming out when we pushed the lever sometime on Saturday.  We then noticed that there was water coming up out of the seams in the laminate flooring and it was starting to warp.  We yanked the fridge out away from the wall, turned off the water supply, used towels to sop up the water, and called the property manager.  We asked her to send a repairman out and then to come and document the damage so we wouldn't be docked for the damaged refrigerator or flooring.  She came out this morning to take pictures of the floor.  As she was about to leave, she stopped mid-sentence and said,
"Did that picture come with the house?!!?"

I turned around to see what she was referring to, because when we moved in their were definitely not any pictures still hanging on the wall.
I asked, "What picture?"
She answered, "That picture of Jesus!"  

I said, "No.  That is our picture.  We hung it up there."

She was really confused for a minute...it was kind of funny.  She said, "The people who lived here before you had that same picture hanging up right there when they lived here!  Are you guys Mormon too?!"  I told her yes, we are.  The people who lived in this house before were LDS (mormons) and many of the members of our ward here have mentioned that they were friends with them (the Gilliams) when they lived here!  It was pretty funny though. =)


Amanda said...

that is so funny. That must be a house that calls for good people to live in it. You and the gilliams are great families

Kelly said...

That is funny, and pretty odd that it's in the exact same place too!