02 July 2010

We found it!!

I always get to the point (in house hunting) where I feel like I am just going to have to live in my car...or the hotel, forever.  I remember feeling the same way while we were looking for our house in Juneau.  I feel like nothing is going to work out.  BUT...Heavenly Father knows everything will work out ok, most of the time even better than I could have hoped for.  He was watching out for us again, like he always does, and we were able to sign a lease on a 4 bd/ 2 ba home in Mililani.  It seems to be a little smaller than our Juneau home, and the homes are super close together...but we are on a corner lot and there isn't a fishpond inside the house or rat poison on the floor...lol.  The entire house has wood floors and the washer and dryer are inside the house, which is really hard to find in Hawaii.  Most are located either in the garage or on the lanai, so I feel really fortunate.  I went out on Wednesday and got all the kids registered for school.  The elementary and middle school are on an Army Air Base...so I have to use my mil ID to take them to school!  We are also really close to a commissary and a PX.  I haven't shopped at a commissary since we lived in Washington DC, and I'm so excited...the prices are amazing and there isn't any tax! =)  Darwin will have about a 45 min commute each day, so we may get him a motorcycle to help out with the gas costs (which are around $3.35/gallon right now)..we'll see.

We are just really excited that we found a place to live before we leave on vacation for Idaho/Wyoming/Utah...tonight at 9:30pm!

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Meleana said...

Yipee! Glad you found your home. It'll be great to have your personals delivered and all settled in.