08 July 2010

Trying to play catch up...

Friday & Saturday (July 2nd and 3rd) - left on the airplane at 9:30 pm (after having our luggage locked in Darwin's office...they had to take the door off the hinges to get it out), flew overnight 5+ hours to Salt Lake.  We had a 45 min layover then a one hour flight to Boise.  We got in around 10 am on Sat, drove to Darwin's brother's house to take showers and brush our teeth, and eat some amazing monkey bread that Shaneen made. =)  We left about 2 hours later and drove two hours to Twin Falls, ate lunch at Quizno's and then drove two more hours to Blackfoot.  Sat for maybe an hour and then went to the fireworks at Jensen Grove park.  Got home around midnight and we all crashed!  No one really got any sleep on the plane and we were all feeling like zombies.

Sunday July 4th - Church was at 9am, so we all got up early and went to all three hours.  Darwin, Brooklin, and I all bore our testimonies in Darwin's parent's ward.  It was really awesome.  We came home changed and then went over to Darwin's sister Lisa's house for dinner.  We spent the evening playing volleyball and bbq'ing.  Got home late and crashed again.

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