15 November 2009

Happy 35th

I turned 35 last week. I had a fabulous day...I really did. I got presents, went out to lunch with Darwin (at La Salsa), went out to dinner with the whole family (to Bullwinkle's Pizza), and had birthday pie with whipped creme. Life is good.

Melissa-age 35!

Jon Schmidt CD's and music from Brooklin and Toy Story toys from Caleb

More Toy Story toys from London and a book and new scriptures from Isaiah.

What the heck! Why?!
Darwin's present was wrapped really well. He covered the entire box with black duct tape and then wrapped it in wrapping paper. He got me two books and a black sweater.

Birthday Pecan Pie

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The Strasser Family said...

Let me know how the book the undaunted is.