23 November 2009

Funny London

I just got home from London's Parent-Teacher Conference (Darwin was at work and couldn't make it) . London is an excellent student and a good worker. The only thing her teacher told us to have her work on was her penmanship/neatness and turning stuff in on time...otherwise she was perfection to have in class. =)

As we were going through the papers the teacher had to show me, this one stood out. Most of it is just cute, but two or three of the answers she gave made both her teacher and I laugh out loud...literally!

  • The thing I do best is piano and reading.
  • The thing I do not do very well is painting.
  • The part of me that looks the best is my hair.
  • The part of me that I would like to change is no glasses.
  • My worst habit is stealing candy. (what! is that where all the Halloween candy is going?!) =)
  • I am glad I am my age because I can ride.
  • I will be glad when I am 12 years old so I can shave my legs. (!!!hahaha!!!)
  • I am proud of me when I go down the ploe (pole) with one hand.
  • I work hardest when I am in school.
  • I am a little bit brave.
  • Most people think I am weured (weird) in a nice way.

1 comment:

Jen said...

That was priceless! I love the one about shaving her legs. Now that is something to look forward to!!