10 March 2009

March-ing right along

We've been busy. Being in school takes up a lot of time. This weekend we went to Twin Lakes and went sledding. It was pretty fun.

This is a picture of Darwin being patient with me. My theme assignment for this week is "The Eyes Have It". At first I was trying to get a picture of me reflected in his sunglasses, then I was taking pictures of everyone's eyes close up, then I just started doing close ups. He never smiles for pictures, because it is much more fun for him to pull some crazy face. He let me take like 20 pictures of him, and he never pulled a face! =) (I was using the self timer to take the ones with me in them.)

We are glad to have Darwin back from Houston. He went there for a conference last week (for his work). While he was there, he was able to reconnect with one of his aunts (his mom's sister) and her daughter (his cousin). He got to go to an aquarium (that PALED in comparison to the one we had in Maui) and he took a six hour walk to eat lunch at IKEA!

Darwin playing in the snow this weekend. He had just pushed ALL the kids down the hill in our toboggan.

This is one of my photography assignments. We had to take "a million" pictures showing different kinds of lighting. This is a picture of a snitch. I took it in the bathroom, because that was the only dark place in the house. !!! =) This one turned out the best (of the, seriously, 50 shots I took.) I had to light it from the front, back, side, top, below, reflect light onto it, use different light sources, on and on. It is VERY fun and VERY interesting and I'm learning a ton, but it takes up A LOT of time.

Brooklin is in the 7th grade choir. They sang two songs from Grease last week. She and two other people dressed up. They were all supposed to, but out of the 10 kids in only three "remembered" to dress up. They did good, but were very quiet.

Caleb earned his Arrow of Light award last month, and was awarded it this month. The Arrow of Light is the highest award a boy can receive as a Cub Scout. It is like the Eagle award for the Boy Scout program. He is now in Boy Scouts, and is loving it. Caleb is also obsessed with Bakugan toys. They are like big marbles that transform. I don't see the fun in them, but he will do anything for one. =) My house has been cleaner ever since he found out I bought some to give out as rewards for "extraordinary" behavior.

We found out that London has been wearing glasses with only one lens in them for about 4 months. We took her to the eye doctor, and when she opened up her case, her glasses only had one lens. She keeps them at school at her desk, so we never see her in them, but I guess she lost the lens and couldn't find it, so she just wears them with only one lens!! Little turkey never said a word. She need a new prescription now, so she will be back to regular vision soon!

Not much new with Mr. Isaiah. He still keeps us guessing and laughing constantly. This sunday, the choir got up to sing, and he jumped up after all of us were up there, and came up with a book to sing with the choir! He sings intermittently but the parts he does sing, are LOUD! Gotta love him...you just can't help but smile when he is around.


Lars said...

What?!?! Darwin was in Houston, and you didn't tell us? We are in Austin, which is only a 1 1/2 hour drive. Much shorter than a six hour walk to Ikea... and there is one just up the road from us. It would have been great to see him.

It's amazing how fast the kids are growing! 7th Grade... wow!

Kelly said...

Cute pics!