24 March 2009

Family outing to the gun range

On Saturday, we took the kids out of the gun range to shoot our new guns. Darwin got a little 22 (the Cricket) for Christmas, and I bought him a Rugar 10/22 two weeks ago. He hadn't been able to go out shooting yet, so we decided to take the kids and all go shooting together. We had so much fun. None of the kids had ever shot a gun before, and I haven't been shooting since I was in high school. We stayed out for 2 1/2 hours and put nearly 100 rounds through the Cricket, and about the same through the 10/22. We also shot the 243, but maybe only 10 or 15 times...and London and Isaiah did not shoot that one...it would have knocked them over! =) There was also a cowboy shooting contest going on at the other shelter. It was really awesome, and these first three pictures are of London and Isaiah handling a Colt 45, and then watching the cowboys shoot. Darwin, Brooklin and I all made a bullseye...mine was on my 3rd shot with the 10/22! =) Don't mess with me! HA! There is also video after the pictures of each of us shooting.

Just for the sake of saying it...all of us had earplugs in and safty glasses on the entire time...safety first! =)

London with a 45

Isaiah with the 45

Isaiah and London at the cowboy competition

Isaiah shooting the Cricket

London shooting the Cricket

Caleb loading the Cricket by himself...BTW, this is the picture I am using for my second Spring Break photo for photograhy class.

Caleb shooting the Cricket

Brooklin after shooting the 243...she like the jolt and the loud bang!

Brooklin shooting the 243

Darwin shooting the 243

Me shooting the 10/22

My bullseye!

Darwin fixing the targets

More targets

My bullseye just after it happened

We shot so many times, we shot the stick in half that was holding the box up!

Darwin went out to fix it.

Close up of the busted stick

Brooklin and Caleb shooting

London's turn with the Cricket

Isaiah just wanted to pull the trigger...Darwin had to keep taking his fingers off the trigger so he could help him aim. The next time he got a turn, we made him count to 5 before firing.

Caleb with the 243

Brooklin with the 243

Me shooting the Cricket


Angeline and Matt said...

I'm cringing...I have a thing with Guns, Matt wishes he could take Lochlan out to shoot, but at what point I let him I don't know. Fun pictures though

Jen said...

Remind me never to mess with your family! What a fun family adventure. Can't say I've ever shot a gun before, but it looks like fun. The kids look like they had a great time.