04 February 2009

Photography class

I am taking a digital photography class this semester. This group of pictures was our first assignment. It may look completely boring and pointless...but I was very excited to learn it. This lesson was on taking a picture with the correct exposure settings. Our assignment was to take pictures of a black object, a gray object, a white object, and then pictures of the three of them together. He wanted the object to fill the full frame, and take one regular point and click picture of each one, and then change the camera settings to correctly expose the picture, so the black object was really black and not a form of gray or brown...and the white object was really white and not an off white or gray. I have never changed the settings on my camera, so this was fun to do. It's kind of an uninteresting post, but people ask me how school is, and I can actually show my work for this class, so there ya go! Oh, and the reason my white looks slightly pink or orange has to do with shooting in florescent lighting.

Original Black Object

Under exposed by 1

Under exposed by 2

White overexposed by 2

White overexposed by 1

Original white object

Gray under exposed by 2

Gray underexposed by 1

Gray overexposed by 2

Gray overexposed by 1

Original Gray object

Contrast underexposed by 2

Contrast underexposed by 1

Contrast overexposed by 2

Contrast overexposed by 1

Original Contrast of objects


Angeline and Matt said...

I have always loved photography and would LOVE to some day take a class in digital photography, I have an amazing camera and don't know how to use it...someday, good job on your exposure!

Rana said...

OK but the very first picture of the original black does not look as original black as the underexposed by 2 picture. That one looks like the real black color to me!

Melissa said...

That is the idea mom! The "original" black photo was taken without doing anything but pointing the camera at the yarn and pushing the button. He was teaching us that if you change your exposure levels, you can get a truer color. For black objects, that means under exposing (by two steps)the photo...so you are right the underexposed photo IS a more real black than just using the full-auto feature on the camera.