30 October 2013

It's Autumn Time...Wait, What?

It's cold.

It's been three and a half years since any of us have been cold, and we've kind of forgotten a few things.

  • All of our noses and throats are dried out and we are using a lot more lotion and chapstick.
  • Our cars need a few minutes in the morning to warm up before they are ready to go...even if we are already late for seminary or work!
  • Socks are now necessary!
  • The sun seems to be getting lazy...late to rise and early to bed. (Hawaii's sunrise/sunset only has one hour of variance throughout the year so they don't observe daylight savings time.) 
  • Going through the box of coats/hats/mittens was like Christmas morning!
  • I have to remind Isaiah (pretty much everyday) that he can't wear shorts to school...even if he does wear a coat with them. =)
  • Brooklin and London need running tights for their end of season practices/meets. 
  • Our baby has decided that wearing shoes is ok.  We are still working on getting her to appreciate coats, hats, and mittens...but the shoes were a big step for her!
  • Brooklin came home early from the homecoming football game because she couldn't feel her toes.
  • If you leave your coat over top of the heater vent in the floor, it will be nice and warm when you put it on.
  • Raking leaves is fun!

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