19 October 2013

Bass Pro Shop

After Brooklin's xc meet today, we stopped by Bass Pro Shop!  It was so awesome!!  It was very similar to Cabela's...except for all the mannequins in Bass Pro Shop had guns!  hahaha! Kalia was afraid of the fish in the freshwater aquarium and the huge stuffed brown bear, but she loved all the candy in the fudge shop.  (Why do all the good sportsman stores have homemade fudge at them??  How do those two things go together?  hahaha!)

Here are some pictures of our little adventure in Bass Pro Shop.

I was taking a picture, and some guy asked if I wanted to be in one...so we are all in this second one. (Isaiah was on a scout campout and Brooklin was still at the xc meet)

Posing with the Duck Dynasty guys!

She was so afraid of this bear!  It was kind of funny though... =)

Do you think she will ever get this deer?  Mannequins in Bass Pro Shop are all armed...but probably not dangerous. hehe!

London has a bare-behind her... =)

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