16 July 2012

Transfusions 6, 7, and 4

Caleb went in on July 6th to get transfused with his 6th and 7th bag of red blood cells and his 4th bag of platelets.  It was supposed to be pretty straight forward, but the blood bank did not communicate with the doctors and what was supposed to take five hours ended up taking about 11 hours.  The doctors told us that they were ready for him, and that they had already radiated the two bags of blood for the transfusion.  The blood bank noticed that the radiated blood was three days away from expiring, so they sent two new bags off to be radiated (which takes 4 hours) and failed to let anyone know.  Consequently, Caleb and Darwin had to sit in the hospital for several hours waiting around for things to happen...which made them both grumpy. =P

At Tripler for another transfusion

Anyway, Caleb got what he needed and didn't have any reactions, so he was able to come home really late Friday night.  While he was being transfused, Darwin and I went out to P.F. Changs to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary, which was July 8th.  So glad we could sneak a date in and so happy that I've been married to such a great man for 18 years!! 

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