03 July 2012

Good-bye Hilo...Hello Home!

After visiting a little longer with Kalia's birth mom, we loaded her up in our rental car and headed to the airport around 2pm.  Our flight wasn't until 8:30 pm (because we didn't know how long everything would take), but we were able to talk one of the ticket agents into getting us on stand-by for a 4pm flight!
First car ride!

Waving good-bye in the Hilo airport

Kalia was good for the whole flight, she just slept a lot.  After we landed, we went to get some dinner and then headed home.  We were excited to surprise our kids, because they weren't expecting us to be back until around 10pm.  We drove in the driveway, set her car seat on the front porch, rang the doorbell, and hid.  They were very surprised!  It felt so good to finally be home with our tiny girl!  Everyone loves baby Kalia and she is always in someone's arms!  We are so glad that she is finally here!!

First picture of all five kids!

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