18 June 2012

Kalia's Birth Day

At 5:27pm on Sunday June 10, 2012, I got a call from the woman who drove our birth mom to the hospital. It was only a two minute phone call...but it was one of the most amazing phone calls I have ever received.  She said, "Hi.  This is Nancy.  I just called to tell you that your daughter is here and she is beautiful!  They haven't weighed her yet, so I don't know anything else to tell you, but she is here and she has a lot of hair.  I'm going to go now and call Sally to let her know.  Bye!"  (Sally is our adoption worker).

I was so excited!!  I called all the kids in (Darwin and Caleb were out home teaching) and told them that baby Kalia had just been born.  When Darwin got home, we texted our families to let them know, and then waited for a call from Sally to let us know what to do next.

At 6:16pm I tried calling Sally, but her phone went straight to voice mail so I left her a message.

At 8:31pm I tried calling Sally again...but again, her phone went straight to voice mail. I was a little worried...ok maybe a lot worried, so I looked up her home phone number on facebook and tried to call her at her house.  Her husband answered and told me that she had guests and that she would call me back in about 10 minutes.

She never called me.

Needless to say, I did not sleep at all Sunday night!  Adoptions are tricky things and can unravel fairly quickly...especially right after birth...so I had crazy dreams all night long!  The next day, I got up early to take Brooklin to cross country practice.  I checked my email on my phone and found an email from Sally that had been sent at 3:34am.  This is the email:

Melissa, it's 3:30 a.m.  I just checked my voicemail and found out V***** gave birth!!! It's Monday morning. I'm so sorry! My phone was dead today so I charged it up late tonight.

The baby will be discharged on Tuesday after about 48 hours or could be a few hours less..
Let's plan for a Tuesday placement.
I will call the hospital in the morning and see when the baby will be discharged. I'll let you know.  You can fly in and fly out on Tuesday.
I could take a carseat with me t o make things simpler.

I will contact you tomorrow.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  the big day is here!!!
Love, Sally

I had kind of wondered if her phone had died!  She told me later that she had guests until 10:30pm or so, and when they left, she had another person stop by and they stayed up talking story until 3:30am!  Her husband never told her I called and she had no idea that her phone had died!  She called me at 8:04am to let me know that she was trying to get a hold of the hospital in Hilo, but because it was a state holiday (King Kamehameha Day), no one was around that could tell her anything about baby or our birth mom!  She was flying out at 10am to go and visit V***** at the hospital and meet baby.  

I finally got some information on our baby from Sally at 2:29pm on June 11th.  She texted me these four pictures and all the info on baby.

She is perfect!!!  7 lbs 10 oz. 19 1/4".  5:17pm.  6/10/12.  Eyes wide open.  Kalia looks very Asian.

I was so excited to get pictures!!  We got right on the computer and bought plane ticket to Hilo for the next day, rented a car online, and started packing to go and pick up our new baby daughter!


emfawcett said...

Cool! We are so excited for you and your family!!

Amy said...

I can't even imagine the joy you feel. Really just so happy for you!