19 June 2011


I am trying something new in order to get me posting on this a little more. I know that I will never equal the greatness of my better half but I figured that I should try and contribute a couple of times.

I am not going to try and catch everyone up because I am not sure of everything that is going on but suffice it to say that we have had several birthdays were people in the family got some cool things and mother's day and father's day were the parents were spoiled. Brooklin concluded track and is running every day but sunday (more then before) to be ready for when cross country starts again. We have gone to church and did what we are suppose too. And in general we have had some fun between all the work.

Melissa is still in school and being a full time mom so she does not have a lot of time. She is also taking family pictures for other families and at weddings. I think that the more that she does the better that she gets. It is cool watching Melissa when she gets creative with anything and see the great products that she can produce. Just this week there was a baby shower so she decided to sew a blanket for the shower and did it in one afternoon.

I am mostly working lately. There seems to never be a shortage of things to do but I am looking forward to a break in a few weeks to go fishing with my dad. I think I spend a little too much time online dreaming about this trip but I do look forward to the break. I just wish I could take the whole family with me.

Well, just a little insight to what is happening at our house. We have a busy week next week so there may be a few more things to share.

Wait; there is a short story...last night Melissa and I took the kids to do cosmic bowling. It did not start until 8pm so we were a little late getting home. While we were driving I asked Melissa to share a scripture with the kids so that when we got home we could send them right to bed. Melissa decided to read and was engaged in Helaman 11 as we were driving and a tree feel down in the middle of the lane that we were in. I was able to miss the tree. Thankfully we were doing the right thing and did not end up in an accident. I went out and tugged on the tree for a while because the tree was in the road on a blind corner and was unable to move it very good until Melissa was able to come and help me. We got the tree out of the road and made our way home. I really am thankful for small miracles and know that when we are doing the right thing we are being watched over. We may not always escape challenges but I am sure thankful when we are delivered.

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