06 June 2011

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Isaiah is nine today!  He got up early (at 6am) and started singing loudly out in the kitchen to a CD of primary songs.  He was so excited for it to be his birthday.  He wins for best restaurant choice for his birthday dinner.  He took us all out to DA KITCHEN in Oahu!  This was our favorite place to eat-out in Maui, and there is one over here in Oahu now.

Isaiah and his Mac'n Cheese Nibblers.
 Mom had noodles and dad had Katsu Chicken with mushrooms and gravy
 Caleb got Katsu Chicken and Brooklin got a Loco Moco
 London also got the mac'n cheese nibblers.  It's like a chicken nugget only with mac'n cheese inside!
Plants vs. Zombies for DS
 more HexBugs

 Spy stuff
 Dolphin pillow pet
 Atlantis Legos
 Brooklin made a seven-layer bar/brownie for his cake.  It was divine!

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