04 October 2009

West Glacier Trail

We walked part of the West Glacier Trail this evening. We didn't leave early enough to do the whole thing, but it was nice to see a new trail. We want to go back, because Caleb said there is a way you can walk right up to the glacier from the beach...but we didn't go the right way, so we didn't see the glacier up close. I warded off any wildlife with my noisy bear bells...but we did see one squirrel. Isaiah spent the first half of the hike whittling a stick with the pocket knife he won at the food storage fair two weeks ago. He was told that he wasn't allowed to use it unless dad was around, so dad let him use it while hiking....?? It slowed him down a lot, and finally we had to tell him to put it away because he was carrying like three sticks, and whittling, and walking VERY slowly.

Darwin and the kids

Melissa and the kids

London found this root knot that looked like Jabba the Hut. She put it in her hiking purse and brought it home.

I took this picture with the camera on the ground...I love the angle and how it focused on the pine needles and blurred out Isaiah.

There were a lot of mushrooms on the trail...this is just one of several pictures I took of them.

The first part of the trail was pretty wet and muddy. Good thing we all have boots!

Another angle shot...my hiking stick and boot.

There were lots of little waterfalls on this trail. I got to play around with the shutter speeds on my camera again...it is more fun to do when it isn't for an assignment... =)

I love the composition of this shot. The bike was just sitting there, and paired with Brooklin and the slower shutter speed, it made a nice reflection shot.

My favorite of the wispy waterfall shots. This one was taken underneath one of the bridges.

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Jen said...

I love that picture of the waterfall where you were messing with the shutter speed. Looks like you learned a lot from your class, or more likely, you're just naturally talented!