12 October 2009


Since I am writing this blog and not Darwin...I will not do these stories justice. Not on purpose, but because I wasn't there and don't get as excited about fishing and hunting. Darwin has been getting up at 4 am and going fishing with people from work. The first picture of two salmon were caught this morning. The next fish picture (a salmon) is from Oct. 5th. The last picture of two salmon were caught on Oct. 7th. On Oct. 9th and 10th, Darwin and Bud went out hunting for moose. They saw plenty of "sign", but came up empty. Bud did kill a mouse...when it surprised him and he stomped on it with his boot...but that was the only kill of the trip.

The boat at the dock at Amalga Harbor.

The beach they went to, to go hunting.

Bear tracks in the mud

Moose tracks

Moose poo.



He said there were all these tracks all over the place...not sure what they were ever for, but they weren't being used anymore.

A stellar jay.


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