29 January 2014

Caleb is 16!

Happy 16th Birthday Caleb Boy!  Looks like you will get your wish...snow day, no school on your birthday!  Love you!!


Rana Strasser said...

I had lots of thoughts/comments to put on these birthday pictures but I can't do it from here cause i can't see the pictures and comment at the same time

the princess said...

i LOVE the blanket - is it a bubble quilt? i want close-up pictures, my dear! you did great work.

~ jannet

Melissa said...

The blanket is all granny squares. I made most of the squares while he was sitting by me on the couch! He just didn't know what they were for...hehehe! It took over a month and more than a mile of yarn, but it was worth it. He was so excited! :)