14 October 2012

Avengers Dress and Heels

One of Brooklin's favorite things is The Avengers.  

 She was surfing Pinterest one day and found a pair of Avengers comic book heels that she fell in love with.  The link took her to etsy.com where she learned that the heels sold for $85!  She also found an Avengers dress on etsy but it was pretty expensive as well...($200!!!)

She had a dance coming up, so I searched the web for a tutorial on how to make comic book shoes and found a few (here and here) that didn't look too hard.  I ordered some cheap comic books (from NewKadia.com) and then took her out to find some heels.  I also went on a search for some Avengers fabric and a dress pattern that was cute and had sleeves (way harder than you might think!)

It took us about 6 weeks to finish the dress and shoes.  She really wanted to help with everything, but she is rarely ever home...so what could have taken me a few days, turned into weeks...but I'm so glad I got to work on this project with her!  She had a great time at the dance and everyone loved her outfit!

The Finished Outfit!! So Cute!

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Lauren said...


Totally sellable on Etsy! The dress too!