18 May 2012

Germany - by: Isaiah

I found this on my desk today while cleaning it off. =)  Enjoy! mj


I believe that our family vacation could be to Germany.  This would be the best vacation because tear (there) are fun things to do, there are luxurious hotels, and we can study are genealogy.

If we go to Germany on vacation we could go to interesting places.  Like the palaces of Berlin or the newly rebuilt city of Dresden.  Also we could visit the palaces of Lumens Neuscnwstein.

We could stay in luxurious hotels.  Most hotels are Marriott.  There is nice furnisher (furnishings), artwork, and marble fixtures.  You can get anywhere because they are on the border.

Most importantly we can study genealogy.  You would love it because there are plenty of documents.  Also we could spend a day on it.  I ashore you of it.  If we go to Germany we could go to sum interesting places, stay in luxurious hotels, and study genealogy.

Will we go to Germany?

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